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Rainy Friday Confessions… This Sounds Kinky, But It Ain’t

Here are a few things that went down on this rainy February Friday.

1. I took an hour nap with the cats on the bed when I had already had a thirteen-hour night’s sleep. I include the cat detail because the cats are not supposed to be allowed in the bedroom ’cause J is allergic. However, this wasn’t the first time in recent weeks, days.

2. For the billionth time in my life, a Starbucks barrista spelled my name on the cup “Christan” when I popped in to order a piping hot green tea latte. Okay, now you know my name… Kristen. Only in Cali have people chosen to spell it “Christan.”

3. Last night I had a dream that I was sleeping in a puddle. I woke to find a wet spot in the bed. I tapped J on the shoulder to demand how this could have happened. He said he was sweaty, so maybe the bed got a ‘lil wet. I know, I know, gross. Just the same, I accepted this explanation, and managed to drift off. Well, tonight, I collapsed onto the bed next to J and, lo, there was a gigantic wet spot AGAIN. It hadn’t been there when I had napped earlier in the day. I looked up at the ceiling. Sure enough, there was a leak. “Shit!” J and I exclaimed in unison. Now, instead of sleeping soundly next to my boyfriend, I am wide awake writing this post. Of course it was my side of the bed.

4. I like all Nicolas Cage movies, I’ve decided, officially and all. Tonight I watched “Bangkok Dangerous” and enjoyed it thoroughly.

5. Since it was pouring buckets, J and I decided to stay in and order Chinese. I had three helpings and could have had four.

6. I ordered an $8O Dr. Denese SPF 30 tinted facial lotion this evening, despite the fact that I promised myself to STOP ORDERING FROM QVC. What truly sold me were not only the before & after models, but also the ultraviolet fluorescent photos. It brought me back to high school, when I went under one of those buggers during “Skin Cancer Awareness Week.” The damage was bad enough then, so it made me panic & ask myself, “HOW MUCH DAMAGE IS THERE NOW???”

7. I embarked on a new book today, “Dewey.” Yup, the cat book. By the time I got to page 30, I had already cried 5 times. I shared this w/J when he got home, assuming he would find this amusing. Instead, he flashed me a concerned frown.

8. I didn’t hear from the place I interviewed with on Monday. My heart sunk a ‘lil.

9. I still don’t know for sure if I have a job with my former boss on a pilot that’s starting soon. I despise uncertainty.

10. A cricket has resided somewhere behind our fridge for the past 3 weeks. It never bothered me one bit. As a matter of fact, it reminded me of the time when I lived with a roommate who had a pet lizard and fed it crickets. I loved that roommate, (not as much as J, but still, she was awesome) and her cute ‘lil lizard. Sadly, the lizard fell ill, and the crickets began to eat it, but that’s a story for another rainy day. Getting back on track, although I took comfort in the cricket’s chirping, (I love nature, what can I say?) J wasn’t so fond of it. He tried killing it with a broom handle, blowing a fan under the fridge, and pounding on the fridge furiously, but it was all no use. The cricket was invincible. I secretly chuckled to myself, but J was mad. Tonight, J’s wish finally came true. While reading Dewey, I heard some pouncing. Sammy and Bette were up to something. Then, I realized that I hadn’t heard our pet cricket in a while. Next thing I knew, Bette was torturing a big tan colored cricket. She taunted it until she couldn’t take it anymore, and then proudly chomped it to bits. Sammy looked on in awe and in jealousy. I woke J up to inform him of the good news. “You let her eat it?” he proclaimed in disgust, “You could have just let it outside!” Yup, I thought to myself. Yup, the girl who didn’t want her boyfriend to kill the cricket had let BetteBoop eat it to death. I was proud of her even. Yup, and the boy who had tried everything to murder the little chirper was now upset that I had had the black heart to let Bette commit such an act. I know what you’re thinking. J and I are the perfect pair full of contradictions.


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It’s official. I am bored to tears. I had my first interview on Monday and, really, I forgot how exhausting interviews can be at times, let alone how exhausting driving in L.A. can be at times. Seriously, I went from around December 2oth, 2008- February 3rd, 2009 without filling my gas tank. That’s what walking everywhere, and having no where to go will get ya. At least I’ve saved money on gas.

The interview went well, and a day later a former boss told me that she may have a production gig for me soon. See, there are things in the works… maybe. All I want is to work and get out of my dreary apartment. My friend Bri suggested I paint a wall in my place, but I can’t fathom spending money I don’t have on that right now when I need to eat. Sure, J has been great and always pays when we go out to dinner, and gives me cash for groceries, but still. A few days ago I was counting the one dollar bills in my wallet, (there were about 3) and I held up one of the dollar bills and just stared at it for five minutes. I felt the need to share that with you guys. Yes, I’m broke, desperately need a job, and am GOING CRAZY.

At the present time it’s almost midnight, J is sleeping soundly in the next room, and I am watching a show on Animal Planet called “Cat People.” These people are even more nuts than they sound. Think the movie “Best in Show” times one million with cats in place of dogs. My biggest fear is becoming one of these folks. Oh, and there was something I did last weekend that I’ll fill all my millions of readers in on in my next post. This “thing” that I did even further illustrates my loony cat lady antics.  I know, the intrigue!

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What the Hell?

Okay, news stories like this probably come out every day on various national stations, but I’d just like to say that this pisses me off.

I was watching Fox 11 before bed tonight, (well, I wish I were in bed, but obviously this keeps me up) and a story came on about a man that abused his German Shepard mix so badly that the dog had to be euthenized. Neighbors had seen this abuse for months, but no one was bold enough to stick out a neck. The story disgusted me to the point where I began to tear up. I wish I could say that was the first time today…

Anywho, this was an innocent animal. A female neighbor was captured lamenting on cam re:the badass abuser man, “He had an awful temper! Oh, he always made me nervous.” Hmmm, I think to myself. I have quite the temper when set off (thanks for passing on your genes, Irish mom), but that temper would never harm an animal. God, why can’t we all just love, love, love? Seriously, what’s with this hate? Why does it even bother to exist? Can’t it just fade away like an awful dream? A dream we only understand is a dream when we wake up?

On an entirely different note, I miss Mad Men so much. I have good friends, a boyfriend who I love to death, a lovely, fun fam, and the two cutest kitties on planet earth, but it’s not enough because Mad Men won’t be back on Sunday nights until July. Yeah! That’s right! July!!!! I’ll have to wait ’til friggin July to find out if Pete will try to find his bastard child. I’ll have to wait a friggin month until I discover whether or not Betty has a third baby (what? maybe she miscarried w/all her boozing/smoking, sexing it up w/strangers, and horseback riding). I’ll have to wait a friggin month to see if Roger is still with his young thang. Gah, this is killing me!

I need a hobby fast, or maybe I could volunteer. Updates soon, and probably sooner than you think!

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Hiatus is Looming!

Already! I can’t believe it! It feels like I just got back here after being out of work for over 2 months (why thank you, strikey strike!). My boss told me yesterday that I’d be getting two weeks of wrap. That’s fine, really. It’s more than I thought I’d get. After all, all I do during wrap is sit on my ass and twiddle my thumbs and, sometimes the producer will take us out for lunch. We all (or more like just moi) get tipsy and it’s great. I don’t mind wrap! I don’t mind getting paid to be lazy.

Fast-forward to once wrap is over and done with in early June. I’ll be outta work for about a month (that’s dependent upon whether or not my show gets picked up) & bored to pieces while all my pals all work. I’m the only crazy girl who works freelance.

Here’s a day in the life of Korlina during hiatus. If you’ve ever seen the movie “About a Boy” (you know, the one with a very disheveled Hugh Grant) you’ll comprehend what my days are like.

8am-8:30am: Get up, make coffee, eat breakfast, watch “Regis & Kelly,” and play with Bette Boop.

10am: Play around on the Internet (AKA, waste a lot of time).

11:30am: Drive to gym.

12pm: Work my ass off at the gym. Stare enviously at all the size 0 platinum blondes with the biggest boobs ever who are probably wanna-be actresses. Get over it quickly when I hear them talk on their cell phones in the dressing rooms. Besides, their boobs are fake anyway and, would probably pop like balloons if I were to stick a pin in them (not that I would. I’m only a ‘lil crazy).

1:30pm: Back at my apt, I play with Bette Boop some more, check my emails (or lack thereof because the emails definitely take it down a notch when I’m not working), eat me some veggie burger, and take a long shower.

3pm: Read a novel. Typically, destination= Peet’s Coffee. It’s the ideal spot for quiet reading, people- watching, deliciously strong coffee, and relaxation. The classical music they play triggers me to unwind right as I step in to the shop.

5pm: Back at the apt, (or what J likes to call “The Pad”) I munch on a snack, catch up on TiVo, and once more, check my poor excuse for emails. If I’m bored with TiVo, I’ll stroll down to the public library at the end of my street. If the library sucks, I’ll walk back, get in my Corolla & cruise over to either Trader Joe’s or the mall. I’ll spend an insane amount of money on stuff I really don’t need. An insane amt of money I don’t even have.

7pm: J is home… WAHOO! Time to drink! OR Time to go out for dinner!

This day (or something that resembles it very closely) replays over and over again when I’m on hiatus. Ah well, at least I’ll be getting more gym time in!


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