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Seals Are Something Else!


We celebrated J’s birthday this past weekend. He wanted to spend the day in Oxnard, and then have dinner later that night in Studio City. I had worked roughly 70 hours last week, but I mustered up all the energy I could for J’s big day.


At around 1pm, after walking by the pier and doing some trinket and hat shopping, we found ourselves seated at the Mexican restaurant we love that overlooks the harbor. As I sipped the remainder of my margarita towards the end of the meal, J motioned for me to come around to his side of the booth. He scooted over, and pointed towards the harbor pier. “Look, a seal!” he exclaimed. For about five minutes, I saw nothing. I grew impatient as the waiter handed me the bill. “Wait, look, it’s got its head popped out!” This time, I saw the harbor seal/sea otter. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had never in my life seen a seal outside of an aquarium.


A few moments later, J and I were on the dock, thanks to my insistence of getting a closer look at the big sea creatures. Every time a seal (there ended up being two!) popped its head out of the water I’d squeal with delight. I kept lamenting to J that I wish it would pop all of itself out of the water, but J shook his head and laughed at me, insisting that that would never happen. “I think you’re having more fun on my birthday than even I am!” He had a point. J had seen these Oxnard seals before, but it was a first for me. Suddenly I was five, completely in awe of the glorious sea. Seriously, its moments like these that keep me sane & young.


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Things I’d like to do before I die.

(because i have nothing else to write about, blah)

1. Live in another country for at least 1 full year.

2. Drive a sporty little black hardtop Lexus in that sparkly, charcoaly black tint that I adore.

3. Have sex in a car (I’ve chickened out one too many times).

4. Win more than $100 on a slot machine just to say I once did!

5. Become friends with my sister (aka, ‘Lil Sis).

6. Write a novel, even if it’s a silly romance one.

7. Learn a language in the “fluent in” sense.

8. Learn to love my body, no matter what “phase” in life I’m going through.

9. Not feel any guilt when I charge something semi-extravagant on my credit card.

10. Confront a family member about something in particular.

11. Take a full year off to travel the world, (with the person I love) even if I’m not able to wing it until retirement.

12. Go one full day without blushing AT.ALL.

13. Go skydiving.

14. Have my very own basset hound pet.

15. Have a child when I’m ready for it (sooo not ready yet).

16. Understand stocks.

17. Reach a point in my life where I can read one book every week because I’ll be able to reserve the time.

18. Run a half marathon.

19. Make Beef Wellington because it’s supposed to be very difficult.

20. Plant a garden with flowers, veggies, fruits, and all things of the delicious variety.

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