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Hiatus is Looming!

Already! I can’t believe it! It feels like I just got back here after being out of work for over 2 months (why thank you, strikey strike!). My boss told me yesterday that I’d be getting two weeks of wrap. That’s fine, really. It’s more than I thought I’d get. After all, all I do during wrap is sit on my ass and twiddle my thumbs and, sometimes the producer will take us out for lunch. We all (or more like just moi) get tipsy and it’s great. I don’t mind wrap! I don’t mind getting paid to be lazy.

Fast-forward to once wrap is over and done with in early June. I’ll be outta work for about a month (that’s dependent upon whether or not my show gets picked up) & bored to pieces while all my pals all work. I’m the only crazy girl who works freelance.

Here’s a day in the life of Korlina during hiatus. If you’ve ever seen the movie “About a Boy” (you know, the one with a very disheveled Hugh Grant) you’ll comprehend what my days are like.

8am-8:30am: Get up, make coffee, eat breakfast, watch “Regis & Kelly,” and play with Bette Boop.

10am: Play around on the Internet (AKA, waste a lot of time).

11:30am: Drive to gym.

12pm: Work my ass off at the gym. Stare enviously at all the size 0 platinum blondes with the biggest boobs ever who are probably wanna-be actresses. Get over it quickly when I hear them talk on their cell phones in the dressing rooms. Besides, their boobs are fake anyway and, would probably pop like balloons if I were to stick a pin in them (not that I would. I’m only a ‘lil crazy).

1:30pm: Back at my apt, I play with Bette Boop some more, check my emails (or lack thereof because the emails definitely take it down a notch when I’m not working), eat me some veggie burger, and take a long shower.

3pm: Read a novel. Typically, destination= Peet’s Coffee. It’s the ideal spot for quiet reading, people- watching, deliciously strong coffee, and relaxation. The classical music they play triggers me to unwind right as I step in to the shop.

5pm: Back at the apt, (or what J likes to call “The Pad”) I munch on a snack, catch up on TiVo, and once more, check my poor excuse for emails. If I’m bored with TiVo, I’ll stroll down to the public library at the end of my street. If the library sucks, I’ll walk back, get in my Corolla & cruise over to either Trader Joe’s or the mall. I’ll spend an insane amount of money on stuff I really don’t need. An insane amt of money I don’t even have.

7pm: J is home… WAHOO! Time to drink! OR Time to go out for dinner!

This day (or something that resembles it very closely) replays over and over again when I’m on hiatus. Ah well, at least I’ll be getting more gym time in!



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I’ve been MIA lately for various reasons. Stress, you ask? Yes, there’s been that. Fear of having to censor myself? Yup yup, that too. Mainly though, this blog isn’t anonymous & I realized I’d be enjoying it more if it were completely anonymous.

So… I have a new anonymous blog some where out in the blogosphere. I don’t have many readers yet, but hopefully in due time.

I will continue to write on this Ksumy blog too, (I know ya’lls were on the edge of your seats!) but will devote a ‘lil less time to it. I can’t give it up completely after all! I love it when friends, my sis, and the bf read my blog.

Since I usually write about things that happen to me on a daily basis on this blog, I’ll continue in the tradition & share with you my morning. HINT HINT: I’M VERY PROUD!

Okay, give up? Fine, I went to the gym! Yeah, really! Nope nope, it’s wasn’t that hard. My pal C Money, who recently began gyming it pre-work, told me that getting the hell outta bed would be the toughest part. Lemme tell ya’lls, it sure was! Once at the gym, there were difficult moments on the treadmill at times, (next time I know to drink more water before I start my a.m. iron-pump session) but I am Korlina and, naturally, didn’t let them conquer. I turned up “Born To Make You Happy” on my Ipod (yup Britney, but i heart the beat) and kept at it.

When I left the gym, towel around my neck, face all red and in need of oxygen, I felt good. I felt proud of myself and my ass. Now if only I can tempt my ass there tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you updated, you lucky ducks!

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