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Some Good News


I think Bette (pictured right) & Sammy (on left) will be spending much more time on the window sill for the next eight weeks starting on Tuesday. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I FINALLY HAVE A JOB. It’s a production gig on a TV pilot. It’s not as ideal as a long term job with benefits, but it’s work/$. The best news of all is that I’ll be working with my favorite boss ever, Karen. I found out today, officially, but J and I already celebrated last night with martinis. One martini and I was DRUNK. That’s what a low tolerance after hardly drinking for a few months will get ya, but I loved it! Cheers! Oh, and that’s J’s hairy arm in the pic above, not mine :).


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Rainy Friday Confessions… This Sounds Kinky, But It Ain’t

Here are a few things that went down on this rainy February Friday.

1. I took an hour nap with the cats on the bed when I had already had a thirteen-hour night’s sleep. I include the cat detail because the cats are not supposed to be allowed in the bedroom ’cause J is allergic. However, this wasn’t the first time in recent weeks, days.

2. For the billionth time in my life, a Starbucks barrista spelled my name on the cup “Christan” when I popped in to order a piping hot green tea latte. Okay, now you know my name… Kristen. Only in Cali have people chosen to spell it “Christan.”

3. Last night I had a dream that I was sleeping in a puddle. I woke to find a wet spot in the bed. I tapped J on the shoulder to demand how this could have happened. He said he was sweaty, so maybe the bed got a ‘lil wet. I know, I know, gross. Just the same, I accepted this explanation, and managed to drift off. Well, tonight, I collapsed onto the bed next to J and, lo, there was a gigantic wet spot AGAIN. It hadn’t been there when I had napped earlier in the day. I looked up at the ceiling. Sure enough, there was a leak. “Shit!” J and I exclaimed in unison. Now, instead of sleeping soundly next to my boyfriend, I am wide awake writing this post. Of course it was my side of the bed.

4. I like all Nicolas Cage movies, I’ve decided, officially and all. Tonight I watched “Bangkok Dangerous” and enjoyed it thoroughly.

5. Since it was pouring buckets, J and I decided to stay in and order Chinese. I had three helpings and could have had four.

6. I ordered an $8O Dr. Denese SPF 30 tinted facial lotion this evening, despite the fact that I promised myself to STOP ORDERING FROM QVC. What truly sold me were not only the before & after models, but also the ultraviolet fluorescent photos. It brought me back to high school, when I went under one of those buggers during “Skin Cancer Awareness Week.” The damage was bad enough then, so it made me panic & ask myself, “HOW MUCH DAMAGE IS THERE NOW???”

7. I embarked on a new book today, “Dewey.” Yup, the cat book. By the time I got to page 30, I had already cried 5 times. I shared this w/J when he got home, assuming he would find this amusing. Instead, he flashed me a concerned frown.

8. I didn’t hear from the place I interviewed with on Monday. My heart sunk a ‘lil.

9. I still don’t know for sure if I have a job with my former boss on a pilot that’s starting soon. I despise uncertainty.

10. A cricket has resided somewhere behind our fridge for the past 3 weeks. It never bothered me one bit. As a matter of fact, it reminded me of the time when I lived with a roommate who had a pet lizard and fed it crickets. I loved that roommate, (not as much as J, but still, she was awesome) and her cute ‘lil lizard. Sadly, the lizard fell ill, and the crickets began to eat it, but that’s a story for another rainy day. Getting back on track, although I took comfort in the cricket’s chirping, (I love nature, what can I say?) J wasn’t so fond of it. He tried killing it with a broom handle, blowing a fan under the fridge, and pounding on the fridge furiously, but it was all no use. The cricket was invincible. I secretly chuckled to myself, but J was mad. Tonight, J’s wish finally came true. While reading Dewey, I heard some pouncing. Sammy and Bette were up to something. Then, I realized that I hadn’t heard our pet cricket in a while. Next thing I knew, Bette was torturing a big tan colored cricket. She taunted it until she couldn’t take it anymore, and then proudly chomped it to bits. Sammy looked on in awe and in jealousy. I woke J up to inform him of the good news. “You let her eat it?” he proclaimed in disgust, “You could have just let it outside!” Yup, I thought to myself. Yup, the girl who didn’t want her boyfriend to kill the cricket had let BetteBoop eat it to death. I was proud of her even. Yup, and the boy who had tried everything to murder the little chirper was now upset that I had had the black heart to let Bette commit such an act. I know what you’re thinking. J and I are the perfect pair full of contradictions.

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This One’s for the Blog

Sorry, Blog, I haven’t given up on you or lost interest. I’ve simply been too busy at my new job to spend any time with you. Yes, I’m often a neglectful bitch.

I think around the last time I wrote I was trying the whole “not drinking very much” thing. J had gotten me started on the experiment that we failed miserably by Week #2. At this point, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll forever fit very nicely into the “lush” category of women. There are 3 main reasons these days why this doesn’t make me feel too bad about myself. 1.) My friends all drink pretty heavily, 2.) J drinks, and 3.) Mad Men. I know it’s a TV show based on the 1960’s workplace, but I’m living vicariously through them and, thus, it makes my drinking seem tame. Anyone get where I’m going with this?

BetteBoop and Sammy are still doing just fine. Bette has the eye herpes too now. It’s all good though. They’re just heavily medicated all the time.

Oh, and the job, you ask? Well, the job is good. Okay, it’s as good as it can be. I wonder if I simply don’t like working at all anymore. There was a time when I enjoyed work. That was over a year ago. Either a job is too stressful for me, too easy, too employed of annoying people, or too much of a place where I’m constantly making a mockery of myself. My job now is the latter. Today, for instance, immediately before a meeting, I insisted on moving my chair closer to the phone. I banged the chair against a coffee table like something out of a caveman movie. People giggled, but my boss was like, “Whoa!” He didn’t sound all too pleased. He never does, but he’s also used to it by now, just as I’m used to myself ‘round these parts. I don’t even blush anymore in this office. I’m all too used to this routine of foolish Korlina.

My day’s nearly done. Au revoir for now, my sweet Blog!





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Bette and Sammy= Big Time Lovers

Bette (pronounced “Betty.” What can I say? I heart heart Bette Davis) and Sammy (A.K.A. Sammy Pants) are in love. I never thought it would happen, but once J and I arrived back from Aruba it was apparent that they wanted to be together. Also, it hasn’t hurt that I’ve been around more. For whatever reason, Korlina’s presence around the apartment in the last two weeks has helped them grow a STRONGER love for one another. Sammy grooms BetteBoop, and she has even started grooming him. What can I say? A match made in heaven!

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Anorexic Cat

BetteBoop isn’t eating. Not eating, like, at all. BetteBoop has always been a rather slim cat, but she has also always loved food. She stopped eating entirely last Saturday morning. By Saturday night by 11pm I was in full panic mode. Therefore, I didn’t know what else to do with myself or with my cat.  After a brief struggle, I placed Bette in her kitty carrier, and dashed off to the emergency vet. An overpriced emergency vet.

After hours of waiting around, the vet prescribed Bette a bland diet of chicken or turkey baby food, low-fat cottage cheese, white rice, and skinless chicken breast. I also had to give her a liquid orangey medicine that would keep her from throwing up so much. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that part. Bette had also been throwing up. Not her usual brownish clump throw up, but a watery, foamy throw up. I know, this post is one gross mess, and that’s how I’ve felt myself lately.

Now it’s Hump Day. Hump Day is supposed to be a day of margaritas and a nascent anticipation for Friday. There will be no margaritas or Friday fantasies on this Hump Day. I’m leaving work early so that I can bring Bette to the vet. She’s still not eating willingly. I have to force feed the bitch. Okay, that is harsh. Yes, of course I love my cat. I talk about Bette constantly. I’ve been worrying about her constantly. I made the biggest fool out of myself at my friend’s bachelorette party this past weekend. I cried and carried on about BetteBoop for practically Ah huh, you heard that right. Not even a plethora of wine with my best friends could pull me out of my funk.

With all that said, BetteBoop is still being a little bitch. Don’t believe me? Try force-feeding a cat who gets so mad about the thought of food to her mouth that she looks like a little Gremlin. A cute Gremlin, but still. Maybe more like Gizmo. Anyway, I’ve been through hell with her this past week. J has been through even more hell because not only is Bette freaking out, but his Korlina is SOOOO freaking out.

After looking up Bette’s symptoms on the Internet, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s anorexic. It’s not necessarily the same as human beings showing signs of anorexia. For cats, it simply means that they will not eat. This can be due to physical and/or emotional factors. This brings me to Sammy. He’s only been with us for a little over a week, but Bette clearly cannot stand his presence.

Around 5pm the verdict will be in. Is Bette being a crazy badass bitch who isn’t eating in protest of Sammy’s presence in the apartment, or is she sick sick? Fingers crossed that I’ll have good news for ya’ll tomorrow & that I’ll finally be able to sleep.

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New Cat, New Job…

Last Friday I found out from the place where I interviewed at the week prior that I got the job. Wahoo! Only… only… I am still wishing I hear from the other place I interviewed with & get an offer there. Why? Well, it would be a long term corporate gig. Even so, both gigs are a mere 5 minutes away from my apartment. I know! Score! Really, I’ve never had the luxury of working close to home and avoiding horrible traffic, so this is a welcomed treat fo sure!

In cuter news, J and I have a new cat. In fact, it’s technically J’s cat. His name is Sammy. He is completely and utterly adorable. He loves to cuddle, follow you around, and find cozy spots to lounge in. By the way, it was J’s idea to get a new cat because he had started to feel bad for Bette Boop. What with her being alone all day long and getting plumper, he decided it was time. Bette had grown accustomed to being chased around by cats all day when I had a roommate with two cats. The day those 2 cats hit the road, along with my old roommate, the plump by the minute version of Bette Boop was created.

Moving on, on Sunday morning J and I decided to check out an animal shelter in San Gabriel. To anyone out there in the Southern California area, this place had the cutest cats and kittens. Therefore, if you’re contemplating adopting a cat (the only way to do it I’ve decided), check this place out. They also had plentyof dogs desperately in need of good homes. At one point I glanced over at a boarder collie & seriously just wanted to take him from his poopy cage, (I love how these shelters are trying to save animals, but HATE the poop everywhere. I mean COME ON!) and hope that he liked cats. I’m sure he did. He was an old male. You could tell he knew what love was, and that perhaps he once was loved by the owners who he strayed from by accident. To me, that’s what all these abandoned, homeless animals are victims of- accidents. Accidents brought on by the universe. Too many animals, too few people. I’ll wipe a tear away now & apologize for this tangent. What can I say? I loooooove animals. I love all animals. Nope, no basset hounds to be found at this San Gabriel facility. However, there were many bigger dogs and an insane amt of pit bulls as sweet as any other dog a person could hope for, I swear! Damn, that was another tangent, wasn’t it???

Moving on again, a sweet lady named Pat greeted J and I when we arrived at the shelter. She showed us to the girl cat room. It was about 17 girl kitty cats all existing together in one small space, but none of them seemed to mind all too much. I feel as though they were just glad to all be together. The cat I had originally wanted, Yammie, was sitting on a perch. I had seen her pic online and had thought she was the cutest. As cute as she was though, she was incredibly shy. Something about her made me feel as though she wouldn’t be the right fit for Bette Boop. It was as though she was too docile. Anyway, I couldn’t say I was falling in love with any of the cats in that room. One white cat was VERY aggressive, and would interfere whenever J and I tried to pet another cat. At one point she even jumped on J’s back! I think after that he had had enough, and asked Pat if he could check out the boy kitty room just across the way. J must have some kind of charm with the ladies because the girl cats were not too pleased when he left them. Just the same, they settled on my presence as I continued in my quest to “discover” and fall in love with a new girl kitty, just as I had fallen in love with Bette Boop when I adopted her. Unfortunately, in this instance, it just wasn’t happening.

Next thing I knew, Pat returned to the girl kitty cat room without J. I looked across the way & I saw him socializing with the bigger male kitty cats. I continued to ask Pat the standard questions about each and every cat. Is this one good with other cats? Is this one overly aggressive? Is this one better for allergies? Is that one spade? Moments later, J walked in with a glowing face. “I found a really cool cat.” After he uttered those words, I knew we’d be bringing this cat home before I even saw him.

Sammy has the most gorgeous emerald green eyes. He also has the softest patch of white fur on his chest. His body is a lot longer than Bette’s, and his fur a little lighter than Bette’s more severe gray. Right now, the poor little guy has a bad cold and an eye infection, but he’s taking meds & will be just fine.

Of course Bette Boop, being the rather token snobby-pants girl at times, is not being the best to Sammy… yet. I know in my heart that they will get along in time, but for now she will NOT stop with her hissing and showing her teeth whenever he’s near her. She’s also sleeping on top of the fridge, not on her normal pillow on the couch. In fact, Sammy took over this pillow moments within being in our apartment. Perhaps he thought Bette was keeping it warm for him. All I truly know is that I’m thrilled to have a new cat in the apartment! AND now all you guys truly know how much of a cat lady I am!

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First Flowers

J and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant last night. It never gets old there & that’s why we love it. We ordered our standard Cadillac Margaritas, (seriously, they’re the bomb) picked at each others’ entrees, and kissed between sips of the Caddy’s. The waitress even gave us an extra martini glass of limes last night. I guess this is the new form of VIP status at said Mexican restaurant. I dunno, but we appreciated them just the same.

A few moments before the bill arrived, the same flower dude that saunters in every night, sauntered in, arms over-stuffed with bouquets of voluptuous flowers. He approached our table, as per normal, but this time J stopped flower dude in his tracks. He bought me the most beautiful bouquet, the prettiest of the bunch. I blushed profusely as I admired the perfect arrangement.

“I was planning this for the longest time. I wanted to catch you off guard,” J admitted. I gave him a big kiss. He was right- he had caught me off guard and, I loved it.

When we got back to the apartment, I pulled out a vase. I began the task of cutting off the ends. The flowers looked just as splendid in their new vase home as they had looked all wrapped up. Once I had placed the vase on the kitchen table, I clapped my hands in excitement. Yippee!

Cut to Bette Boop moments later, as I started to settle on the couch with J and catch up on TiVo. She rubbed up against the flowers, sniffed them, acted like she was on cat Ecstasy, and bit into a rose. I gasped, sprang to my feet, took the vase off the table, and scolded my evil cat. Guess I hadn’t been thinking back to the time when my old roommate received birthday flowers & all the cats had a field day (or feast) with the bouquet. She had to put her bouquet in a closet because certain flowers can be poisonous to cats. Damn these cats sometimes!

J made the executive decision to leave the flowers in his bathroom, with the door shut. Bette stared at us for the rest of the night, wondering where her flowers had disappeared.

For Valentine’s Day this year, J gave me a giant scratching pad for Bette Boop because she no longer had one after my roommate moved out with her 2 cats. It was an expensive present, but we both admit it was well worth it because Bette LOVES it. There are little plush balls attached to it via strings, so it gives Bette hours of playtime. In other words, Bette gets treated very well. J tells me all the time that she is spoiled & I always silently agree with him. 

Dear Bette, I love you so, and you’re a very adorable cat, but why do you have to take my first flowers away from me??? Isn’t your extensive collection of toys enough? Isn’t your scratching pad better than my flowers? WHY, BETTE? WHHHHYYYYYY?


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