~About Korlina~

Here goes…

My name’s Korlina (an alias, but somewhere in my posts you can find my true name). I live in L.A., but often wonder how much more of it I can take (but knowing me, I’ll probably never leave)! I work freelance in TV production, but like so many Americans, I am currently out of work. Lately, I spend my days sipping tea, playing with my two cats- BetteBoop and SammyPants, watching endless TV, reading mobster books, and napping for hours at a time. I used to run constantly for exercise and enjoyment, but it made my knees hurt. Now, I walk everywhere to compensate. My car is sad though because it misses me.

I love my family. Unfortunately, they live thousands of miles away in Boston. I also love my boyfriend, J. We’ve been together nearly two years.

Things I’d like to do before I die, you ask? I recently saw Samantha Brown hold a panda in her lap somewhere in China, so I’d like to do that. If I could see (in person, of course!) half the paintings I fell in love with in college when I took art history classes, I’d be one happy gal. I absolutely want to love a dog of my very own one day. I used to think that I wanted to run the Boston Marathon before I died, but now I want to learn how to steer a boat. Ay, ay, Captain!

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